WhatsApp Plus FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Hello, today we’ve published a new article on WhatsApp plus FAQ. Without any doubt, WhatsApp is the most widely used cross-platform messenger in the world. If that isn’t enough, there’s a modified version of the original program known as WhatsApp+.

WhatsApp has been able to attract a lot of users owing to its affordability and functionality. It is a well-kept secret that people prefer WhatsApp + over the original WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Plus FAQ

It has earned the support of many themes all around the world as a result of its core customization possibilities and features.

There are several concerns regarding WhatsApp+. Here we try to address the most commonly asked questions about the Android program and its features.

Is Using WhatsApp Plus Legal?

😍 WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of Official WhatsApp, and using it is prohibited. The company of WhatsApp has banned users of WhatsApp Plus on rare occasions, and certain developers have run into legal difficulties with the company of WhatsApp and had to cease developing their copies of WhatsApp plus; therefore, we suggest you utilize a different phone number and use it for WhatsApp Plus.

Is WhatsApp Plus Secure?

✅ Yes, WhatsApp Plus is highly secure. It’s an alternative to the primary WhatsApp with extra features without changing the original code, and it’s developed on the same servers as the regular WhatsApp. The users’ messages are encrypted on both sides and there’s no chance of decrypting them using any developer or official WhatsApp company.

Is WhatsApp Plus Spying On Our Chats?

🛑 No, WhatsApp Plus is not able to read your chats or conversations because it is on the same server as the original WhatsApp and messages are encrypted from both sides and no one can decode them.
If you’re concerned because WhatsApp Plus requests permission for your gallery, microphone, and camera, those permissions aren’t for spying; they’re only there so that you.

What Is The Difference Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the original WhatsApp that includes additional functionality such as hiding online statistics, changing the WhatsApp theme, and saving status updates.

What is the Difference Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is meant for companies, and the two versions are quite comparable. You may create a profile for your firm in WhatsApp Business, and you’ll be able to interact with clients better as well as other features that help you run your company more effectively.

Can I hide my online status on WhatsApp Plus?

Yes, you can hide that you are on WhatsApp Plus from the settings page.

Can I download more than one version of WhatsApp Plus?

Yes, you can have multiple versions of WhatsApp Plus with various phone numbers.

How can I have two WhatsApp applications on my phone?

You may either download WhatsApp Plus and the original WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus and the regular WhatsApp on the same phone.

Can I save my contact’s WhatsApp status?

You can save WhatsApp status if you use WhatsApp Plus.

Can I turn off the internet of WhatsApp Plus only?

Yes, just the wifi icon on the top bar of WhatsApp Plus will shut off internet connectivity in WhatsApp Plus.

Can I upload a video over 30 seconds to my status?

WhatsApp Plus allows you to post a video longer than 30 seconds to your status.

Can I delete WhatsApp chats after 10 minutes?

Yes, you can remove chats from WhatsApp Plus at any time.

Can I customize an auto-reply message?

Yes, you may create your own auto-response message using WhatsApp’s plus settings.

In WhatsApp Plus can I decide who can call me?

Yes, you may limit who can contact you from your contacts’ lists.

How do I update Whatsapp+?

WhatsApp+ has good developer support. It is updated very often after the official app is updated. Whenever a new update arrives you will be prompted to update it.
You can also check for updates by going to WhatsApp+, opening the menu button, and tapping on PLUS > Tap on Updates > Click on Check for Updates.


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