WhatsApp Plus Features: How is it Different From WhatsApp?

The well-known WhatsApp has now come up with an update to its version. This time, it is the plus update which was named WhatsApp Plus. This application has been developed by a third-party developer who calls themselves ‘WhatsApp+‘.

It features many new and advanced features not found in the original and official WhatsApp Messenger. And because of this, this application has divided WhatsApp users into two groups.

WhatsApp Plus is an android app available on many websites where one can download it for free of cost. It also sends updated messages to the main official WhatsApp Messenger so that your friends can see your updated status easily.

This is how you can use both applications on the same device without any issues.

But, the major thing which WhatsApp Plus lacks is that it does not have a Privacy Policy and a Terms of Service.

 Features of whatsapp plus

Since this application is developed by a third-party developer, users are doubtful about its future because there is no ownership of WhatsApp+.

As per many people’s views, this application has been created only to earn money.

Features of WhatsApp Plus:

There are many new features in this application that helps users to have a better messaging experience, some of them being below:

1. Themes: WAPlus app has the ability to modify the themes with which you can give a different look and feel to your Whatsapp chat window. You can also change fonts, colors, and the background image of WhatsApp to your liking! You can also download more themes for WhatsApp Plus from Google Play Store.

2. Easy Sharing: By using Whatsapp plus app, you can also share photos, videos, audio notes, and other media like documents, etc with any application installed on your device. This will definitely make sharing files very easy within no time.

3. Low Data Usage: Whatsapp plus help you save a lot of data that you use through the Whatsapp Plus app by increasing the limit of attachments (a maximum number of up to 50MB) per message thread in group chats. It also has a decent layout with beautiful backgrounds which makes it look different from the official WhatsApp Messenger.

4. Multiple Logins: Another great feature of WhatsApp Plus is that you can use more than one account at a time through this application. This means you can receive messages, calls, or updates from your friends or family members on any number of devices attached to the same Whatsapp Plus app simultaneously.

5. Pinned Chats: You can even pin your favorite chats in WhatsApp plus so that you do not miss out on them while scrolling through the list of chat threads in your Whatsapp application.

  6 . Disable Read Receipts: Another good thing about using Whatsapp plus is that it helps users to disable read receipts in blue color when someone has actually opened up your sent message and read it! This makes it easier for people who like privacy and need some space all the time.

7 . Hide Last Seen: The users of Waplusapk also have the option of hiding the last seen status both on Android devices and iPhones, which is helpful for many people who do not want their entire contacts list to know when they were online or active on their phone. 

8. Ability To Delete Messages Permanently By Swiping Left Or Right: Unlike the official WhatsApp Messenger, you can delete an already sent message by just swiping left or right in WhatsApp+. This feature helps people to correct their mistakes more easily than before!

9. Disable Read Receipts For Group Chat: You can even disable read receipts for group chats if you want all your contacts to see when you received a group chat message or not. You can also do this for individual contacts which makes it easy to maintain privacy while messaging people online!

10. Ability To Reply To Messages Privately: WhatsApp Plus also helps you to reply privately to people without letting everyone else in the group chat know what your response was! This feature is similar to sending messages using an alternative number or ID, except that it has more advantages than before!

11. Hide Last Seen For Particular Contacts: Whatsapp plus apk also lets users hide their last seen status with some favorite contacts so that no one knows when you were last seen on WhatsApp Messenger through those contacts only! This feature of hiding last seen for particular contacts is very helpful as far as maintaining privacy is concerned.

12 . Increased Privacy: WA Plus Apk has come up with an increased level of privacy and security as it does not need any permission from the Google Play Store and thus, your application is safe and secured from third-party applications spying on you. This makes it much more secure than the official WhatsApp Messenger!

13 . Photo Editor: You can also do basic photo editing within WhatsApp+ to change the brightness or contrast or saturation before sharing them with friends or family members to make every little detail perfect!

14 . Increase Send Limit For Group Chats: This app has been made especially for those people who have a habit of sending long messages to their friends altogether which goes against WhatsApp’s rule that states that a maximum number of message length in a group chat should be 256 characters (which is also too much and impractical). The users of WhatsApp Plus can increase the number of characters allowed to be sent in a group chat by increasing it up to 500 or even more which makes it easy for them to share long messages!

15 . Group Admin: Whatsapp Plus apk 2022 has introduced an extra feature of Group Admins who are responsible for banning out unwanted members from the group, adding new members to the group, etc., which was not possible before. This makes it easier for anyone running a group on WhatsApp Messenger to manage people online!

  16 . Password Protection: Whatsapp Plus apk also lets you disable access to your WhatsApp account by requiring a password whenever someone wants to use your Whatsapp plus app through their device. This means that you can use your Whatsapp plus app on two devices without letting the other person know about it!

17. Hide Your Last Seen: You can also hide your last seen status and whenever someone tries to find out when you were active and available online, they find out that WhatsApp Messenger was not launched instead of finding out when exactly you were online. This adds an extra layer of privacy to your already private messengers which is great for people who like their privacy intact!

18 . Change Theme Of Notifications: Whatsapp+ has a changeable notification theme setting that helps users to get notifications according to their chosen theme rather than sticking with the default white or grey-colored notifications all the time! This makes it easier for people who like changing themes every now and then to get notifications according to their theme as well!

19 . Save Memory: Whatsapp+ does not run in the background of your phone after you have read a message which means that it does not take up any memory space from your device. This makes using this app easier as it does not even slow down or affect your performance at all!

  20 . No Ads: WA plus has no ads which make it easier for people to use the app safely without being worried about viruses, malware or other issues arising due to ads on a regular basis!

  21 . Hide Your Profile Pic And Status For Specific Contacts: You can also change both your profile pic and status for particular contacts so that they can just see them whenever they want to and this makes it easier for people who want their privacy intact as well!

22 . Hide Your Last Seen Status: Whatsapp Plus has a unique feature that lets you hide your last seen status individually for all of your contacts. This means that if there is someone whose stalking habits you do not like, then you can simply stop them from knowing when exactly you were online by hiding your last seen statuses from them!

23 . Unlimited Contacts In Groups: Whatsapp + app allows users to create an unlimited number of groups so that they can easily manage long chats with friends or family members without splitting them up into separate groups or chats!

This also allows users to customize the group according to their preference such as making one group public and another private or even making one group dedicated to exchanging memes while another group is for hosting long conversations!

24 . Group Calls: Whatsapp Plus Mods allows users to make group calls with up to 4 people at a time which makes it easier for people who like calling their friends and family members together at the same time!

  25 . Block Callers: From This App also has an advanced blocking feature that lets you block all unknown callers completely. There are also some other ways of blocking individuals such as blocking any number whose phone number ends with 99, 98, etc., by using WhatsApp customer service Number

26 . Hide Your Last Seen Status to Specific Contacts: You can also hide your last seen status from specific contacts which means that they might not be able to see when you were online but you can still chat with them without any issues!

This is helpful for people who want privacy in their relationships or conversations!

Requirements for WhatsApp Plus:

WhatsApp Plus is an application that can be installed on your smartphone, using which you can get many additional features which are not provided by WhatsApp. This app also provides support for devices running Android 4.4 KitKat or above.

  • – Requires a wifi connection or Mobile data
  • – Enable unknown sources on your phone to install the app from the provided link
  • – You have to provide your mobile number to WhatsApp Plus team so that they can register you as a user. But this is only used as an ID verification process and nothing else.
  • – The installation is available for free through Our site.

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WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial app that replicates the official popular instant messaging service, adding some extra features. It’s important to know what you’re getting into before downloading this application and giving it a try.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of other apps that offer similar functionality without all these risks involved with using such an unverified third-party app like WhatsApp Plus. If we’ve excited your interest in trying out WhatsApp Plus, share this blog post on Facebook or Twitter so others can learn about its potential downsides too!

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