How to Install WhatsApp Plus on PC

This tutorial is about installing WhatsApp Plus on a PC.

WhatsApp Plus is popular among Android users. The guide is available here. You may know that WhatsApp Plus is an Android application (.apk). An Android emulator must be installed on your Windows computer in order to install it.

Let me explain what the Android emulator is if you do not know what it is. A virtual Android device, called an emulator, appears and works as an actual device.

Emulators allow you to run Android apps and games in a seamless manner. It is likely that you have heard of the PUBG emulator if you play the game. This Whatsapp Plus Apk is easy to install on any PC, even if you are not an experienced computer user.

Simple steps are involved in the process. To install the software file, you simply need to download it to your computer and install it like any other piece of software.

It is a whole new experience to install WhatsApp Plus for PC. While working, you can enjoy the app’s groundbreaking features and stay focused on your work.

The features of WhatsApp Plus have already been covered in detail. Don’t forget to take a look.

You will understand its hidden benefits when you know the features of the app.

1) Your computer should be running Windows Vista or later versions of Windows OS. You can use XP, but it will require an emulator like VirtualBox ( free ).

2) 80% of the users who tried to run WhatsApp Plus on XP got it working after installing VirtualBox.

3) Android emulator, the best is Bluestacks.

4) The latest version of the WhatsApp Plus zip file.

Here are the steps:

1) Download and install the Android emulator on your computer. Add your Gmail id to that emulator. Many people have had problems with the emulator, and there are many solutions to those problems. Try them out.

2) Download the WhatsApp Plus apk file.

3) Open the apk file and let it install on your phone simulator.

4) If you get an “Installation blocked” error, open the app manager in Bluestacks, clear WhatsApp data, and then try.

5) If you can’t find WhatsApp Plus in the search, go to the download page and install it. Then click on the “Apps” button on the blue stack’s home screen. Locate the WhatsApp Plus file and install it.

6) Once installed, open it once to activate pro features for one month. Then uninstall it from the emulator app manager.

7) Reboot your computer and you can now use Whatsapp Plus on your PC.

Please note that the apk file is not uploaded to this page. Follow the official thread in the xda forum.

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Now you know how to install WhatsApp Plus on a PC. We hope that this article was helpful and has given you some insight into what it takes to do such a thing. If you’re still unsure, let us know in the comments below and we will try our best to answer your question!

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