How to install WhatsApp Plus Without Losing Chats

On my Android device, I installed an application called WhatsApp Plus. That’s a modified version of the official WhatsApp client, and it brings some extra features such as themes and customizations that aren’t present in the official app.

When I first installed this unofficial client on my phone, all my conversations were intact. But today, I received a WhatsApp update through the Play Store, and when I opened WhatsApp Plus after updating it…

My chats were gone. My chats were gone, everything was reset to the default settings, I lost all my phone numbers added to the contacts list via WhatsApp Plus. How can I get back my previous chat history?

Backup Your Chat in Whatsapp Plus

How to install WhatsApp Plus without losing chats

You must follow these steps to install WhatsApp Plus without losing chats. Each step must be followed.

1. Before installing any modded app, you should create a backup of all your chat data. Let’s start by opening WhatsApp on your phone.

2. Select Settings from the three dots in the top-right corner.

3. There are many options available to you. Select Chats from the menu.

4. Select the Backup Chats option from the next screen.

5. Now a green backup button will appear. All your chats will be backed up when you click it. All your data will be backed up in a few minutes. Continue with the next step once the backup has been completed.

6. Please use the link below to download WhatsApp Plus latest version after uninstalling official WhatsApp. Don’t forget to save it in a specific folder. – WhatsApp Plus

7. In order to install WhatsApp+ APK, you must enable untrusted sources installation permissions. You can do this through the device’s settings.

8. Head to the Security tab.

9. You can now enable Unknown Sources thereby ticking the box. These options are disabled by default.

Before enabling the option, your device may display a warning. Simply click OK as our apk files are 100% safe.

10. Open the file manager, go to the folder where you have saved WhatsApp+ APK, and simply tap the file to install it.

11. Now, click the Install button. The installation will start and will take a few seconds.

12. After you install WhatsApp plus, open it from the app drawer.

13. There are two options: Continue and Restore.

First, choose to Restore your chat backup and then click Agree and continue.

14. WPS – WhatsApp Plus is an Android-only app that lets you access your messages. You’ll need to download the WPS app, which will allow you to send encrypted notifications to people on other platforms.

15. If you’re prompted to restore your chat history, it means that the cloud is damaged.

16. 1. You have allowed all the permissions. Whatsapp Plus will start and you can find all your older chats.

This is how to install WhatsApp Plus without losing your conversations or WhatsApp data. I’ve included every step of the procedure in this post, including pictures. Make sure you follow each and every one of the steps.

If you miss any of the steps, your backup will be lost. The backup and restoration process may take a long time if you have a large number of conversations. Don’t get worked up; be patient until the procedure is finished. This method can also be used with other WhatsApp mods.

Step 1: Reset WhatsApp Plus to its default settings before the update is applied.

If you are using WhatsApp Plus version 13.50 or lower,then go Settings > Backup & Restore > Backup .

If you are using a newer version, then go to More > Customizations and tap on the Clear Data button at the bottom of the screen.

WhatsApp Plus will now be reset to its default settings, but your chat history will still be intact.

That should remove all your chats.

Step 2: Update WhatsApp to the latest version and install WhatsApp Plus again.

Open google, search for and update it to the latest version if an update is available.

After you have updated WhatsApp Plus, open it and tap on Set Up, and then Get Started.

If you are not starting from scratch and WhatsApp Plus opens with the “Welcome” screen, tap on Menu and then on Settings and disable and enable WhatsApp again.

After these steps, check your WhatsApp Plus application for any updates.

After updating it, launch it again and everything should be back to normal.

You can now restore your previous backup if you want.

Features Of Whatsapp Plus:

  • Forward messages without the “Forward tag” at the end.
  • Anti Revoke feature added.
  • Hide blue tick, double tick, last seen, typing status.
  • Set status of up to 255 characters.
  • Share videos of size up to 50 MB.
  • Set the group name up to 35 characters.
  • Allows us to hide personal chats, save stories.
  • Send up to 90 images at once. On the other hand, WhatsApp allows sharing only 10 photos at a time.
  • Use the inbuilt app lock to protect your security.
  • Customize app interface and color with hundreds of themes available.
  • Supports more than 100 languages.
  • You can also create a custom theme and submit to WhatsApp plus.

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This is the only way to install WhatsApp Plus without losing your previous chat history. The developers of WhatsApp Plus never update both these applications at the same time, so this method should work every time you are installing WhatsApp Plus after an official update has been released.

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