What is WhatsApp Plus? How is it Different from WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus is one such third-party app and is known to be the best WhatsApp client for those looking for a way around not having access to the official app.

If you have been using WhatsApp Plus or if you plan to, and want to find out more about the client and what it does, we’ve got all of the information that you need below.

Why is WhatsApp Plus better than the original?

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging program that is operated by Facebook. Since it’s simple to use and friendly to use, it has grown in popularity so much.

The WhatsApp Plus software is a modified version of the original program that gives extra features than the basic app. My friend uses it, too; I even use only it, which I downloaded from waplusapk.com a few days ago

  • It can hide your chat and can change your profile pic, signal, and status.
  • Whatsapp is the best and most used app in this world.
  • Hide your online status with WhatsApp Plus.
  • You can change the theme and color too.
  • Whatsapp Plus inbox design is too good.
  • Change your profile pic at any time.
  • You can delete sent messages anytime.
  • You can conceal blue ticks, as well as any other undesirable features.

And For detailed features read this guide: WhatsApp Plus Features Explained what you will get when you will use it on your phone.

List of WhatsApp Plus Features

  • WhatsApp Plus offers a number of extra features. some of which we’ll cover below — and they include:
  • Notification icons (similar to iOS)
  • Custom notification sounds (personalized ringtones)
  • Ability to change background images for contacts in your chats list, when you’re online and offline.
  • Options for image encryption when sending photos via WhatsApp Plus.
  • Hide your online status,
  • You can change the theme and color too,
  • You can delete sent messages anytime.
  • You can hide blue ticks etc.

But here’s the thing: WhatsApp Plus only uses the WhatsApp name because it gives a sense of authenticity, and is likely to trick users into believing that they’re actually using an original client.

WhatsApp Plus offers a number of features that are not available in the official version of WhatsApp – but this is also due to the fact that these features have been added by developers, not by WhatsApp. These features are also removed when you upgrade to the latest version of the official app.

Is Whatsapp Plus safe for use?

The answer to this question is determined by what you’re searching for. If you trust the person who developed and downloaded WhatsApp Plus from their website, then there’s no reason you can download and enjoy WhatsApp Plus from our website.

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At the end of the day, WhatsApp Plus is just a re-branded alternate version of WhatsApp with additional features that aren’t available in the official app. The major issue is that it’s being marketed as having all of the same features as WhatsApp, which simply isn’t true.

If you want to continue using WhatsApp Plus then your best option will be to side-load the app. This means you’ll need to download the. APK file and install it manually, you can read the article on how can you install WhatsApp plus on android without any issue.

if you faced any issues let me know I am here to help you regarding this.

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