Switch to Dark Mode in WhatsApp Plus in 2023

Key Takeaways-

  • There are two popular ways to get dark mode in Whatsapp Plus
  • The first method is by Whatsapp Plus settings, Another is by Installing a theme.
  • This Guide explains both.

If your device is old and its battery backup has become hell, You must consider the Dark Mode Feature of Whatsapp Plus.

It will save you around 20% of battery when chatting for long hours on WhatsApp Plus.

Dark Mode in Whatsapp Plus has a lot of other benefits too. Dark mode in the latest WhatsApp plus is designed to reduce glare and make the application easier to use in low-light environments.

It is also designed to conserve battery life on devices with OLED displays. Since dark mode uses less power to display the same information on the screen, it can help save battery life, especially if you use your phone for a long period of time. This is especially useful for those who use their phone for gaming or other activities that require a lot of energy.

When a dark mode is enabled, Whatsapp Plus switches its background to a dark gray color. All text, icons, and images appear in shades of white and gray, giving the application a sleek and modern look.

In addition to providing an improved user experience, the dark mode also enhances security. Messages can be more easily read in low-light conditions. Not only does dark mode provide a more comfortable viewing experience, but it can also help conserve battery life and reduce digital eye strain.

This mode can also be beneficial if you are using your phone in a brightly lit environment, as the darker colors can help reduce the amount of bright light that is reflected off the screen.

In summary, dark mode on WhatsApp provides a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light environments, helps conserve battery life, and can help reduce digital eye strain. If you use your phone a lot and want to make sure your eyes stay healthy, dark mode in Whatsapp Plus is a great option.

So, Let’s dive deep into getting dark mode in our Beloved Whatsapp Plus.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Whatsapp Plus

There are two Methods for getting a darker look in Whatsapp Plus.

1. From Whatsapp Plus Settings  

On the Whatsapp Plus Home Screen header at the top, You will notice a moon-like icon.

This moon-like button is a shortcut actually, to enable dark mode in Whatsapp.

If by any chance, You are not seeing any moon-like icon in Whatsapp Plus, Then go to Plus Settings Home Screen > Header Settings > Show light/Night Mode. The Dark/light Mode Shortcut button will come to your Home Screen of Whatsapp Plus.

Anytime you need to switch between light and night mode in Whatsapp Plus, You can do that by using the Shortcut Button at the Top of your Whatsapp Plus Home Screen.

2. Installing a Dark Theme from Whatsapp Plus Theme Store.  

Not many people know that you can also change the look of your Whatsapp Plus to Night Mode by Installing a Dark Theme.

Hence, We are going to tell here how you install Themes in Whatsapp Plus and Change the look and feel of your Whatsapp Plus.

How to Install any Theme in Whatsapp Plus

Using a theme for Whatsapp Plus will not only make your Whatsapp Dark but will also give it a unique look. Hence, you must go for themes if you favour a darker look for Whatsapp.

You can get Themes predesigned from Theme Store of Whatsapp Plus.

For Whatsapp Plus themes, Go into Plus Settings > Themes > Download Themes

More than 4000 Themes will come to you. There are a lot of themes available in Whatsapp Plus, But we are going to Share with you the Five Best Dark themes in Whatsapp Plus.

For Installing any theme, Just search the name in the search Bar, and Click on Install. It will be installed. The below-listed themes do not have any bugs as we are personally using them in our team.

You can even scroll down Yourselves and choose any theme you like and install it. Still, we are here to decide on your perfect dark mode theme.

5 Best Themes for Dark Mode in WhatsApp Plus

  1. OneUI_Dark

Enter OneUI_Dark for finding this theme in Whatsapp plus themes store. This has a greenish tone which gives a rich contrast with the black color. The home screen elements are round and the chat screen box is sort of rectangle-like rather than the typical rounded corners of Whatsapp. Hence, this theme is sort of unique in its own way. Also, The headers tabs are situated at the bottom of the screen. This theme does not show a profile pic in the chat screen so make sure you enable it from Plus settings > Chat Screen > Action bar > Disable “Hide Contact Profile Picture”

  1. Black_blue_YoWa

Enter Black_blue_YoWa for finding this theme in Whatsapp plus themes store. This Whatsapp plus theme has a plain black look in the Home screen. The color used in Fonts is only white. The chat screen also uses pitch-black colors in messages. We often use this theme as it offers the best contrast. This theme has a nice-looking gradient shifting from black to dark blue at the bottom left corner.

  1. Thahim_dark_001

Enter Thahim_dark_001 for finding this theme in Whatsapp plus themes store. This theme would give dark UI to your Whatsapp Plus. One crazy thing about this theme is the “minions like” seen button. Some may like it and some may won’t. Either way you can change it anytime you wish.

  1. Telegram_Dark

Enter Telegram_Dark for finding this theme in Whatsapp plus themes store. This theme looks like Telegram in dark mode but in Whatsapp. Hence this theme has a flat look, Which would be for those Who use Whatsapp for business purposes. This Whatsapp Plus theme also contains aurora wallpaper inbuilt which goes well with the overall theme,

  1. Yo_dream_Dark_theme

Enter Yo_dream_Dark_theme for finding this theme in Whatsapp plus themes store. This Whatsapp Plus theme has a subtle maroon tone in it which looks the most unique from all the other themes we have in this list. This WhatsApp plus theme is favored by teenagers and boys who want to make their WhatsApp look unique and different. You can even customize it more from plus settings.


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